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Bio – Peter Wickham

I was born on the 2nd November 1963 in the then sleepy town of Pietermaritzburg in the Kwazulu Natal Midlands. At age 10, my family moved to Johannesburg and I matriculated from Parktown Boys high in 1981.At Parktown Boys there was a thriving photographic society and my love for cameras and creating photographs started at age 13 at the school. My first SLR camera arrived on my 14th birthday. It was a Ricoh KR5 – I remember it fondly. It had no auto functions and each exposure had to be manually set. I then changed to Canon in my late teens and also dabbled with a Nikon in my 20’s.

I took my first commercial photographs at age 16 for a medical equipment company. The photographs were used on the brochure and instruction manual of the oxygen monitor.In my early years, I converted our servant’s quarters into a darkroom and used to spend hours playing around and learning new techniques in the darkroom.At age 40, I started asking myself a few questions about my career in insurance at that time, and made a decision to try my hand at photography as a career. Jokes aside, I have never been happier in my job since I took those few tentative steps in changing careers. Yes indeed, there have been tough times and I’m sure tough ones still to come, but I feel I was born for this – it’s my reason for getting out of bed in the morning.I now service several clients in their advertising photography. These include:
            Save Cash and Carry
            Jean Junction
            Anchorage Hotel

I have a fully portable studio incl. 2 x 500watt and 2 x 350watt studio lights as well as other studio accessories and equipment to allow me to successfully light and shoot almost all needs clients might have. I also have a portable power pack which enhances the portability of the equipment.I use the Canon brand of camera. Images are in professional quality resolution and Canon’s professional lens range is used.
Images are enhanced using the latest software which I am proficient in using and applying.

I recently pondered the famous question about what in my job drives me – to be perfectly honest the money does not. It’s a truly amazing feeling having been part of a marketing campaign that is successful and culminates in busy stores and hectic parking lots.
One of the sweetest moments in my life was when I did the photography for the Save Cash and Carry – GO BIG – campaign and after the brochures were distributed, their car park was pandemonium with customers trying to get into the store.

My portfolio is diverse and designed to show our versatility in dealing with whatever your photographic need might be.
Please enjoy the images I am displaying here and be sure to check out the site often as there will be regular updates.